Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Little Bit Of Humor

I just discovered I can put up blog posts from my phone.
Isn't that crazy?
Maybe I will post more then? Or maybe not.
Life doesn't always allow time for me to share. So this is kind of like my test post. I will see if it turns out once I post this and then we will go from there. For now, I am pretty excited about this blogger app and the potential it has.
 So I will leave you with this bit of humor....;
Do your kids ever out of the blue just fall. Mine have and it's usually quite dramatic.
Last night, Aaron was in the kitchen fiddling around and I was sitting in the front room feeding the baby when I heard a huge clatter followed by a groan. I yelled into the kitchen to see if he was ok when all of the sudden he comes running into the front room plopping himself on the couch.

I looked him over to see if there was any sort of blood and found him to be intact. I asked him what happened and he said with a sigh that he'd taken a direct hit. Apparently, the kitchen is a dangerous place. One should take cover when entering such a place.

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