Friday, September 29, 2006

Just a thought...

I've been reading quite a bit on the controversial issue of homeschooling. It was interesting to read all the different opinions of that very issue. Some are all for it, some are on the fence and some are completely against it.

My thought is this.....

When did we put the well-being of our children aside and take up the act of arguing the issue? What would happen if each individual stuck to the real up our children as God directs us to. What it comes down to politically is money; not the kids themselves.

The other issue is that even though God gave us a free will and mind to think, if we sway from what some call 'normal' and do it differently even though we get to the same end, we are looked upon as weird, wacky, and strange. If we stuck to the real issue which is our children, then it wouldn't matter so much how they got their education...just that they were educated. And perhaps we would not be trying to get the other to see how very wrong they are.

In my opinion, we as parents, are the very best people to train our kids. We know them best...we know their likes and dislikes. We know their strengths and their weaknesses. Why not pour our wasted energy that we use to argue the point into our kids and train them up in the way they should go according to God's principles...not according to the world's principles or the 'John's, Mary's and Sue's principles of the world.

Again, this is just a thought....take it or leave it.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Home, Home on the Range....

It all began with a little boy named Aaron...

We were out with some very important people...I like to call them friends. I had left the children home in the care of their loving Grandmother with strict instructions that they were to in no shape or form cause Grandma grief. An hour into our lovely evening, I hear my cell phone ringing insistently. I thought to myself...oh no. I don't want to answer that because I just have a feeling that there is one of two things that I am going to hear. Door number one being an eleven year old boy nagging me about something he wants to do or eat or door number two which leads to information on a two year old that he could potentially be AWOL or has finally succeeded at 'bringing down the house!'

After answering the phone most cautiously, I found that I was to take door number two. In the process of getting his cuteness to bed, he decided to, once again, try to pack the toilet full of anything he could get his paws on. I was told there was toilet paper, cardboard, Grace's toys and hair pieces and who knows what else. I was also told that the 'wee ones' decided to flush it which led to it overflowing. Of course, my initial response was spoken with a knot in my stomach and a desperate feeling to run screaming into the night....please, I said, please just tell me it wasn't the 'new' bathroom. The bathroom we agonized over with State Farm to repair after the damage done to it in November. Please just let it not be that bathroom. To my utter dismay, the answer came with a quiet voice that it was indeed the 'new' bathroom.

They assured me that they had gotten it all cleaned up with minimal damage, however, it was not usable...a clog of all clogs. We ended the conversation with locking the bathroom door and that Daddy would check it out when he got home. Upon arrival to our home, Bob went upstairs to plunge and snake out the toilet, all the while muttering that he loves his kids. After awhile it seemed to be in working order.

Monday morning happened. The downstairs toilet had been used and up it came into the bathtub. After taking a deep breathe and counting to ten...(million), I yelled to Bob that we had an urgent problem. We immediately called some friends that were willing to swing by and fix it. I am so very thankful that these kinds of problems seem to happen before Bob leaves for work. I am sure that he thinks differently.

After super snaking out the toilet, you will never guess what they found. Previously, I had blogged about a certain spiderman outfit that was well-loved and worn day after day. Yep, you guessed it. They pulled up a piece of the least, I think it was the mask. I haven't found the outfit yet which leads me to wonder what else got flushed. Oh my goodness, I thought to myself....the possibilities are endless in this house.

After reassembling the toilet and returning the rented machinery, we found that the upstairs toilet was still not working properly. Off Bob went for the fifth time that day to Home Depot, to now purchase a new toilet. Our choice, you may ask, was the 'champion' of all toilets. I believe it sucks down golf balls, toys and small children in 10 seconds flat. And that is what we purchased. If you are ever in the area, swing by for a look-see. It is something of a phenomenon.

$550 later for parts, labor and rentals, I only have one question.....

How am I going to tell our five year old, that his beloved spiderman mask has left this world never to be seen again? least, I think it was the mask.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Custard, Whipped or Fruit-filled?

As I was 'schooling' my children today, my thoughts wondered back to yesterday....

We had taken yet another trip to the grocery store. This is not a task that I fully enjoy especially if I have help so I have taken it upon myself to make a 'one kid rule'. As we zoomed up and down the isles trying to fill our cart full of wonderful things to eat, I thought to myself....I am so glad that I live in a country with so many wonderful choices. However, I also thought to myself, that it becomes a difficult task when having to decide between so many choices when one is...hungry!

As we entered the dairy isle, I stopped at the yogurt section. My husband and children love yogurt so that is a must on my list. If I come home without it....I might as well just get back in the car and revisit the grocery store. Upon making my selection, I realized that I had to cover all our areas of desire. I must get the custard kind for the kids because if we can taste the fruit on our tongue then it must be healthy and they won't eat it, custard is acceptable perhaps because it is like pudding. Then we have the whipped kind for me. I like the fruit and am not adverse to healthy treats but it kind of reminds me of dessert...not too yogurt-like but still is yogurt. However, I must put a disclaimer in here.....yogurt and chocolate or caramel are definitely a no-go! {whisper}'s still yogurt. Then we must buy the fruit-filled kind for my husband. He loves fruit and that is what he likes.

A woman, also trying to fill her shopping cart up with all kinds of yummies, stopped me at the yogurt isle to explain the differences of each kind. She, also, wanted to make sure she got the ones her family would eat and didn't want to come home having made a horrible mistake. After explaining to her the many differences, she selected her choices and off she went with a smile on her face that told everyone that today her purchases would be well received at home.

So my question to you all is this....

How do you prefer your yogurt? Custard, Whipped or Fruit-filled?

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

On The Second Day Of School...My Five Children Gave To Me....

It all began at 6:40 a.m., the cute little cooing that comes from a four month old. As I lay there listening to her sing-song like chatter, I looked over at the clock and slammed the pillow over my head. Not yet...please don't be all cute and cuddly before 7:00 I thought to myself. At that time of morning that cute chatter sounds like yapping to me. Please just 20 more minutes I beg her. After laying there a bit longer realizing I couldn't breathe underneath the pillow, I lowered it just enough to get more oxygen and then it happened...those cute little sparkling eyes looking at me with the biggest smile you ever can imagine. Oh shoot, I thought to myself. I am hooked, I've got to respond to her longing look of I know are my Mama! So begins my morning...a bit earlier than I wanted but adventure awaits.....

I can only explain what happens next in the toon of...'The Twelve Days of Christmas'. Won't you sing along with me?

On the second day of school, my five kids gave to me....

one yapping baby

two papers glued to the wall and floor

three million flying legos

four stolen glue sticks by a little boy named Aaron

five screaming kids.......

six sounds of tools clinking while two kids are trying to take apart Grace's new bike

seven alphabet letters reprinted

eight no, mama do it's!

nine, I'm losing it's

ten hours of science with Grace

eleven poopy diapers

12...pencil boxes emptied all over the livingroom floor

If the song had a second verse with the numbers
thirteen, fourteen and fifteen, they might sound something like this...

13 ice skating lessons that resemble a mother slipping across the floor falling into the playpen straining her wrist and ankle

14 fingerprints made of toothpaste on the ceiling, wall and floor

15 puddles of red kool-aid all over kitchen table and floor

My song has finally come to an end but only because my five children have fallen into a deep slumber in their beds (no, I didn't give them benadryl.) My synopsis for a day like this.....

It's a VENTI kind of day!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

First Day Of School - 2006

Every year this day comes. Every year, at the end of that day, I'm glad it's gone! In a world of butterflies and soft gentle breezes where the kids are playing happily but quietly. In a world where life glides gently through the day and I am not counting the minutes till naptime or bedtime, there lies my thoughts...a happy place. As my thoughts run through warm sandy beaches and White Chocolate Mocha's, I am snapped back to reality by the familiar screaming that is coming from my two year old....NO! Aaron do it!

I had planned a fun day of school today because that's what I wanted my kids to grab hold of. School is fun and can be fun. Every year, our first day has bottomed out with screams, crying and not a whole lot of fun...but this year was going to be different! I woke to sunshine which I thought was a good sign that at least I was going to be in a good mood. I got up, got my shower and felt good about the day ahead. I was right on schedule.

We started off the day creating a 'first day of school' poster which was to exhibit the beautiful hands and feet of all five of my children. They were working so well together than bam....the two minute brief interlude of happy sounds quickly turned to sobbing. Aaron who is two wanted to check out what Brad and Grace were working on and in the process smudged Grace's hand print.

Noticing that her creation was now not perfect sent her into a crying fit sending her running into the other room slumped over on the couch. As I sat there watching this happen before my very eyes, I thought to myself.....this is not happening. Please not in the first five minutes of our day. But there it was.....reality.

Today is also Ryan's first day of kindergarten. He loves to draw and color but not today. He told me...maybe later. Again, I thought to myself...this is not happening. I have the letter 'A' printed out and ready to color. We are going to glue it on our alphabet poster. Doesn't that sound like fun?? Not today, blood has a headache. My response was less than about we do our school work so we don't have to talk to the principal. Then the crying began. Aaron decided he wanted to do Ryan's school work. The fun letter 'A' that was there to color, paste and cut out was now marred but yet the two year old! Let me do it, Aaron says. Ryan was not in agreement which sent both to the floor in WWF style wrestling.

Our first day of school has come to a close because I am done for today. I need to save some fun for tomorrow. Besides, Kara is finally sleeping, Ryan is upstairs taking a nap, Aaron and Grace are preoccupied outside by the neighbor kids and I can almost hear the sound of the clock ticking. I am taking this moment to take my thoughts back to the warm sandy beach and my white chocolate mocha.....a happy place.