Thursday, November 29, 2007


I'm going into blogging withdrawal. My computer has been down and out since Thanksgiving Day and I've noticed that I'm pacing back and forth with a sweat upon my brow. Could these be withdrawal symptoms? I'm feeling all jittery and anxious as I see my poor computer sitting there all dark and cold. I remember fondly the days when it would heat up our office and the comforting buzz of the hard drive in gear would bring a smile to my face. I would sit in my seat and grab my wireless mouse bringing the wonder of the internet to my screen in no time flat. {sob} Ah, the memories.

My husband happens to be away today and I've resorted to sneaking in here to get my fix. I actually had a very good friend of mine send me an email to see if I was doing ok. She hadn't seen a blog from me in too long so she sent me an S.O.S. That totally cracked me up!

I admit it...I'm an addict. I suppose that is the first step in the healing process but I don't think I'll ever get passed the second step. I think that would be actually wanting to change or quit. I need my email and my blog. I've been assimilated by the blog (do any of you remember the Borg?). Ok, so not only am I secretly Italian, I'm also an undercover techno-geek. If you run into my husband, please don't tell him because I'll deny it to the death. Uh, oh....I just realized I'm also in denial. Is there any hope for me?