Monday, April 28, 2008

It's Time To Order

This is the month I get lots of catalogs. Homeschooling catalogs, that is. It's time to start thinking about purchasing new curriculum for the new year. Some catalogs I toss but some I browse through. There is so much available, it's hard to choose.

We've been using the Lifepacs and Horizon's through Alpha Omega which I love mixed with some Abeka. Every child has a different learning style so I try to add things that will help each one of them learn. I also try to throw things in there that they are interested in. For instance, Ryan is into dinosaurs so I got him a sticker book on dinosaur's and a Kumon book that had a paper dinosaur to put together. He's a hand's on kind of learner and those work for him.

This next year, I'm looking to add a little bit of Bob Jone's (BJU) to our curriculum. I've heard a lot of good things about their curriculum. I do know they are legalistic in their views and so I'm concerned about that coming through in how they present their material. However, I usually am reading along side with the kids, so it may present some good discussion too. If it gets too confusing for them, I may switch back. Sometimes, it's good to freshen things up a bit with something different.

There is so many neat books available that sometimes I get too excited and buy way too much. You can only fit so much in one year. Come to think of it, I guess those catalogs come at a great time of year. About April, the kids are ready to be done with school (truthfully, they are ready to be done by the second week of September) and I'm trying to push them to keep going but when we start looking through the catalogs, planning for the new year, it seems to inspire them a little bit.....emphasis on little. I'll take what I can get.


Anonymous said...

I don't think the Bob Jones legalism would come through in their curriculum. (I could be wrong.) But I remember, when I was in fifth grade at Bangor Christian School, we used Bob Jones Bible workbooks. They were great! I would gladly use those books for my own children.

I have no idea about the current curricula from there, but I bet it's worth a look.

Just the past week or two I was thinking about that Bible workbook. Maybe I'll go to the website......

Anonymous said...

We've used BJU Math and absolutely no legalism in those. DD loved the workbooks. DD used BJU Reading in K and nothing there.

I went to Fenton to the HS store not too long ago to look at the older BJU Reading and they looked great! They do get good reviews at various websites.

It is so hard to choose curriculum as so much is oout there! We are revising our approach next year and I'm back looking at everything, too.