Monday, January 16, 2012

Another year....

I recently enjoyed another birthday. It's tough to face that time is rolling forward faster than you are ready to admit. Oh how I wish it would slow down. There is so much to enjoy, so much to yet experience and so much that God has put before us to accomplish for Him. I guess it's a real reminder to not take one moment for granted, to not put off what we can do now and to seek God every day so that we are growing and learning more and more about Him.

My birthday is getting quite comical. Never in my wildest imagination would I ever dreamed that my kids would fight over who is going to make me breakfast for my birthday. I did suggest maybe they work together but they all individually want to make sure I'm blessed by them in their own way. They all have their own ideas about what to make or what to do and I guess that some of those ideas collide with the other ideas. My oldest recently told a friend of his that with as many siblings as he has, you have to make an appointment to do something with his mother for her birthday. I'm finding the truth in that. So why not make this a whole month of celebrating? I would enjoy that, for sure!

My five year old wanted us to make sure we woke her up as soon as we could because she didn't want to miss one minute of the birthday celebrating. She also mentioned for my birthday, her gift to me was that she was going to be sure to do everything I told her to do! That is an awesome gift in my opinion! She made me a beautiful card with lots and lots of balloons on it. She is super cute and I am blessed by her love for me!

My eight year old also made me an adorable card. One of the things that struck my heart is that he wrote, "God loves you and so do I". His understanding of how much God loves his children is amazing. Sometimes, I wish I could grasp hold of it like he does. His heart is sensitive to our Lord and he has been blessed with a deep understanding of God's word that blows my mind. His addition to my birthday breakfast was Cheezit's. He sat next to this birthday girl to make sure I was enjoying my breakfast to it's fullest while watching to make sure I ate every bit and to give me a detailed explanation of his love and God's love for me. Truly a blessing he is to me!

My ten year old has been looking forward to this special day, counting down the days with his brother to make sure they didn't miss it. He helped make the special breakfast of eggs over easy on a toasted hot dog bun because we were out of bread. I'd say they are pretty creative coming up with some ideas! When he got up, he got the paper, crayons and paint ready for everyone to make their cards for me before I woke up. He was very busy trying to make sure everything was just right....even made sure I had my coffee! The day before he got busy scrubbing down my cupboards and counter tops for my birthday gift. He told me that he's been saving up all his love for me so that on my birthday it could just burst out! Boy, did I get a chuckle from that comment.

My oldest daughter was so excited for this day to come. She's been planning and planning on a special birthday dinner and dessert and she did wonderful. I am so thankful for her attentiveness to my birthday and her desire to make it super special. We had chicken caesar wraps, salad and peanut butter pie that was topped with peanut butter cups, melted chocolate and peanut butter. It was so absolutely delicious. She also made ice cream sandwiches with homemade chocolate chip cookies for anyone who didn't want pie. I was so incredibly blessed by her gift of dinner and dessert!

My oldest son took me out for lunch at the Chinese buffet the day before to celebrate. I think he likes the one on one time. He actually can talk to me without getting interrupted! Some days that is quite a challenge. It's hard when you are in such high demand! He is growing up so fast and is acting more and more like an adult by the minute. Again, can we slow things down a bit? I remember when he was such a little squirt. Seems like only yesterday.....

My dear husband was able to sneak away with me for a rare, quiet lunch together. I cherish those moments especially since it doesn't happen very often. He has declared this month a birthday month for me and his desire is to bless me the whole month long with doing things for me whether it be cleaning my microwave out (don't laugh, that is a blessing to me since I can't seem to get anybody to do it and can't quite get to it myself) or bringing me my coffee or sending me texts full of appreciation and love for me. It's been a joy being the recipient of all those things. It's amazing what the little things do for this heart of mine! He's a great guy! I'm truly a blessed woman!

The whole day was absolutely wonderful! I am feeling full to the top not only with all the food of the day but full of the love of my family. It's good to be reminded of their love and care. It certainly helps me swallow the fact that I am another year older.

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The Wilhelms said...

What a nice day full of love for you! So glad!!