Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Follow That Red Suburban to Interlochen - Day 3

Today was my day to make breakfast. I made cinnamon french toast and Bill cooked the sausages. I had the coffee but he had the syrup. So finally after the last piece of toast was cooked, I meandered over to their camp site to have syrup on my french toast, sausage on my plate and a place to sit to drink my coffee and enjoy the rest of the morning. There is nothing like eating breakfast outside in the morning while the dew is still in the air and the smell of the campfire is still lingering about.

We decided to get our showers and head off to Friske Farms where Bob and I had discovered this wonderful creamed cherry pecan honey on our trip last year. We wanted to share this cute little farm with it's kid maze and playhouse shaped ark with our friends. I cleaned up the breakfast dishes and got the kids ready to go while Bob got his shower. Then it was my turn. There was quite a line for the public showers and I don't generally enjoy using them. That is why I was ecstatic to have a shower in our camper. As I'm looking out the sunroof that happens to be over the shower, I was thanking God for yet another beautiful day that was ahead of us. I was up to my head in lather when all of the sudden, no water was coming out the shower head or the faucet. Apparently, the fresh water tank did NOT get filled with it's full capacity of 40 gallons and being the wonderful wife that I am even if it was unknown at the time, let my husband have a wonderfully cleansing shower before me leaving him rinsed from head to toe. I began to wonder as the itching and stinging began to set in, how many people outside of our camper and along the way to the public restroom (provided there was one free and not a line) would notice a half crazed, lathered up women running down to the showers to get thoroughly rinsed. Then I thought, so far in the three days we've been camping, we have enough material to write a sequel to the movie that Robin Williams was in entitled, RV!

Thank goodness my husband happened to come into the camper and I yelled for him to give me bottles of water. The question of the day was.....just how many bottles of Ice Mountain does it take to rinse the shampoo from your hair and caress soap from your body? That will remain unanswered until the day I die and be sealed in the vault where they hold the answer to how many licks does it take to get to the tootsie pop. As I was squealing from the coldness of the water being poured over my head, I could hear the hysterical laugher coming from my loving husband. I will forever be known as Aqua woman by some.

After the laughter had died down and the jokes came to a slow down, we headed off to Friske Farms. It's a quaint little orchard with many condiments available for your purchase made with cherries. We highly recommend the milk chocolate covered dried cherries and the creamed cherry pecan honey. The kids fed the goats, played in the ark, ran through the maze and sat on a tractor.

On the way back we stopped at the Grand Traverse Bay beach which wasn't as nice as the one in Frankfort. The kids played in the water and some of them even fed the seagulls. On our way, back to our camp site, Bob decided to stop and purchase some hose to run from our camper to the fresh water hook up since we were only about 150-200 feet from it. There was NO WAY we were going to pull the camper around to fill and dump and then try and get that sucker back in there. That would have been an all night event and another thing for the experienced campers sitting around their campfires watching all us newbie campers to get a big ol' hee haw about.

People were laughing and making jokes as we strung one hose to the next to try to stretch it all the way to where it needed to go but we just didn't buy enough hose. Bob was determined. He set off once again to the store to purchase yet some more hose. We finally had enough to reach and began filling up our tank. Then, here comes Mr. Park Ranger in his little jeep and scolding voice. You can't do that, sir. People could trip and that would just be no good. At least, he let us finish up and left with the assurance we would never do that again. However, as we were headed to unhook the hose from the filling station, other campers along the way were asking us to fill their tanks too. Why not? And that's what we did. You got to get your use of the zillion dollar hose purchase....I suppose you can't take it back after you use it???

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momwithbrownies said...

Something tells me that your zillion dollar hose will come in handy in the future. :-)
Maybe in the next installment of follow that Red Suburban. lol