Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Follow That Red Suburban to Interlochen - Day 4

We began day four with a delicious breakfast at one of our favorite breakfast hangouts in Traverse City. The Omelette Shoppe has the best pecan rolls in the North. They also serve up some good ol' fashioned customer service. The coffee is hot and the food is Yum-o. If you should have to wait your turn to be seated, don't be surprised to be given a name like George Clooney or Bette makes for a very fun experience when they call your name to be seated. They also have these fun signs on the wall that are worth a look-see. My favorite is: There will be a $5 charge for WHINING! I need this for my own home :-) Being the tourists that we are and so being impressed with this establishment and wanting to promote the community, my darling husband bought paraphernalia which included another HAT to add to his growing collection and a coffee mug! We give this place a definite seven thumbs up!

As we pulled out of the parking lot and came to the stop light, there were a bunch of girls on the side of the road from the swim team promoting their car wash. We decided to let them wash our cars. It was pretty funny watching the giggle gang try to wash a car. Did they notice there was a roof or maybe that was way too high up there, I'm not sure. But overall, they did a pretty good job.

As we were headed back home, we decided to stop at TC-RV to see if they had a good price on a tote hauler which is these cute little blue tote's that you can dump your waste into and take it over manually to the dump station. It beats having a nasty backup and if you should stuck in a certain site between lots and lots of trees and not want to move your camper for nothing, it's well worth the purchase. While we were there, we just happened to check out some fifth wheels that were nicer than my home. Some even came with a fireplace and a garden tub! Now that's what I call home away from home. After Bob starts making his millions, we'll be sure to go back and check them out!

Since it was another gorgeous day, we decided to head back out to the beach in Frankfort. But before we arrived there, we decided to stroll through the quaint little village shops. We grabbed some sandwiches from a cute little deli and headed to the beach. Bob and Bill wanted to visit the smokehouse place that offered smoked salmon. They bought some of that, some crackers, cheese and hunter sausage for a snack on the beach. Again....yum-o. I think I'm not going to be able to eat again for a week! ({{{wink-wink}}} Did I mention that Miss Kara didn't enjoy the water so much....

Karin's sister, Katie, brought these adorable little kites to fly on the beach. Karin had so much fun getting her kite to fly, she spent most of the time doing that until Bill and little Jeremy decided she needed to get wet.

I just have to mention Henry in my blog. He is the cutest little two year old (besides my own kids) and quite fascinating to talk to. He is so funny and you should see him do his pirate face for you. It will have you in stitches. He has a few others but that one was my favorite. He, also, had a grand ol' time building sand castles and playing in the water.

Here's Henry!

After soaking in the sun and enjoying the water, we headed back home BUT....not until after we stopped for ICE CREAM! Along the way, there was this little ice cream shop called JoMo's. Bill and Karin got a turtle sundae, I got a Eskimo Kiss (Coconut ice cream with chocolate truffles and a fudge ripple) in a waffle cone, Aaron and Ryan got superman (of course!), and Grace had a soft serve dipped in sprinkles (she's my sprinkle girl) and Kara missed out, she fell fast asleep two seconds after we were in the car. We give this place a seven thumbs up!

Once back at the ranch, Bob and Bill used our newly purchased tote hauler to empty the trailer tanks. It must have just been too much because pretty soon, I get a knock on my camper door from Bill asking how pizza sounded. I think he was too bushed to think about cooking. Pizza it was so we headed off to eat at Cicero's. The service was friendly and the food was delicious. We had along with our pizza, cheese bread, wings and salad too...enough to feed an army (oh, wait! We do have our own tribe). They have a piano there for customer's to use and I suppose you could say that could potentially be fun or perhaps annoying depending on whether your three year old is playing it or a nine year old boy who came to dine from another party and played like an expert pianist. Apparently, he's been studying music since he was three and was up from Texas at a music camp that is being held there in Interlochen. Simply amazing!

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