Saturday, July 28, 2007

Happy 6th, Ryan!

Today is our Ryan's 6th birthday.

The day began with breakfast at Ram's Horn with Dad. He got the 'best' pancakes, he said. Then, he and Dad went to the local Toys R Us to pick out a new bike. Before he went to bed the night before, he asked again this year (seems to be the annual question) if his legs would be long when he woke up. As Bob was trying to fit him to a bike just the right size for him, they discovered that his legs had indeed grown long. So long that he was no longer the right size for the Spiderman bike which he really wanted. Instead, he had to settle for a really cool red bike with blue and silver that reminded him of Superman and that was just fine, he said.

He has been asking if he could ride the train at Greenfield Village for his birthday for over a month but we were already scheduled to have a family celebration for my Grandpa's graduation in Frankenmuth so we had to postpone the train ride till the following day.

Here's Drumstick

We had the famous chicken from Zenhders for dinner or a famous hot dog if you were Ryan. He got to have his picture taken with Drumstick, the Zenhders chicken who walks around the restaurant greeting all the visitors. Aaron didn't care for the chicken, after getting near him, he decided it was time to go home! And to top off the dinner, Ryan and Uncle Dave (because they share a birthday) got a yummy chocolate sundae.

Uncle Dave and Grandpa

While we were waiting for everyone to finish up dinner and pay the waiter, Brad decided to show our precious little Kara how to spit peas across the table (see what happens when a 12 year old has too much time on his hands). She loved all the attention she was getting, not to mention the giggles from certain relatives. Can you imagine just how much this spurred her on to continue....guess we ought to leave an extra amount on the tip for clean up???! Just wait till I get ahold of that boy!

After dinner, we walked around some of the cool stores they have in town with Aunt Katie and Uncle Kent and Lauren (an adopted friend) until Kara ran out of steam and Grace had blisters on her feet from wearing new shoes. Once we were was PRESENT TIME! Ryan received some pretty cool gifts that included Spongebob lego's and a new game for his game boy and Daddy put his bike together.

Happy 6th birthday, Ryan!

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