Friday, March 27, 2009


It is quite comical when putting kids to bed. They always try to stall by throwing out so many excuses. I am quite use to: I need to kiss Brad, Grace, Ryan and Aaron. I need my Daddy. I need my bear. I need a drink and so on.

I was totally not expecting this one.....

As I was putting Kara, who is two, to bed last night. She started her excuse list. It's almost become a routine. As I was answering the endless list, it suddenly dawned on me she threw a new one in there. After she went through her kiss list, she added her need to hug the toilet. She was quite adamant that that was necessary. As I finished tucking her in and praying with her, she left me with her final request....But mommy, I NEED to hug the toilet. She wasn't going to let that one go. I told her maybe we could see about that in the morning, hoping she would forget by then.

Kids are just hysterical and if you are not paying attention, you'll miss those moments.


HISchild said...

She didn't have to puke or go potty?


Anonymous said...

Saying that when she's 2 is cute, but saying that in her twenties... not so cute ;)