Sunday, March 29, 2009

Yep, I double and triple checked.


Jen@Scrapingirl said...

OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HISchild said...

Excuse me as I pick up my teeth! I think that's about the most shocking news I have heard today.

God's gifts are sometimes like that.

Deb P said...

O.O >.< O.o!! Oh My Little Pony!!! I can't believe my eyes!!!!

Another bundle of joy that is lucky to be born into such a wonderful and loving family :D

Are you as shocked as everyone else is?

Peanut Butter Kisses said...


You guys are all shocked but can you imagine how I felt???!! It's taken me a little bit to!

Jen@Scrapingirl said...

Shocked is the understatement of the day. :)

momwithbrownies said...

If you think about it, there are many good points for the immediate future in regard to this news.

Firstly, a new life is given. Secondly, now you will have health coverage and WIC! Whoo Hooo! I miss WIC. It kept us stocked with milk, peanut butter and other goodies.

I know you may worry about where this child will be raised with your home being foreclosed but surely this bundle will be a new face, for new memories, in the new place where you begin your new lives this year!

She/He represents all the possibilites that await your family! :o)

Maybe her name could be Hope? (or Nadia which means Hope)


His name could be Brighton meaning "Bright Settlement" for your new life in your new home. :o)

Yes, I couldn't resist. I have a sickness.


A Contrarian's Way said...

Congratulations again, Sis!