Thursday, October 26, 2006

The KM Ranch...

Our homeschool group recently planned a trip to a horse ranch. My daughter has a love for horses at the moment and I thought that this field trip would be a fabulous idea for her. Of course, along with her, we all went as a family. I was so impressed by the people at this ranch. They really were patient and took the time to answer any and all questions of the kids and adults.

They separated us into different groups to teach us all kinds of things about the horses. Some went inside to the stalls and were taught about 'Paint' horses and quarter horses. They got to feed them carrots. They also got to go inside the stalls to see the horse's bedroom. One horse in particular kept taking the halter thingy off of the other horses.

Some got to practice lassoing a wooden horse.

Some got a chance to ride a horse around the arena.

Other's got to make homemade donuts for us and treats made of hay and oats for the horses. They also got to make some homemade cider with an old fashioned apple press. It took quite a bit of muscle to make a little bit of cider!

And then the final group, got to learn about grooming the horses.

Then when everyone got a chance to do what that particular group was focusing on, they switched until everyone got a chance to do it all.

Of course, before we even arrived, our Grace had to get the whole outfit together. She loves to throw herself into whatever she is doing wholeheartedly!

The kids also had a fabulous time just being with our friends and making some new ones.

We give this horse ranch seven thumbs up (four for the tour and hand's on activities, 2 for the hot dogs, chips and candy...let's not forget that wonderful chili either, they served us, and one because she loves to be with her family wherever that may be and she can be easily persuaded to vote my way).

Now to figure out how we are going to fit three in the budget for horse riding lessons :-)

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Artist Christine said...

Sounds like fun!! They look sooo cute in their hats!!