Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A Fight With The Vacuum...

I hate my vacuum cleaner. There I said it. I really do hate it. Who ever invented it didn't ever use one. The extensions on it barely reach where you need it to go.

If you have to lift the entire vacuum cleaner with the extensions already added to reach the ceiling, in my opinion, that is a BIG problem. Seriously, who can single handedly hold a vacuum cleaner up in the air while whisking all those cobwebs from corner to corner while dancing around the livingroom all in one swoop because your arm is going to fall off from the weight of that machine....being expected to actually get the job done sufficiently.

Today, stuff fell behind the dryer. Have you ever looked behind your dryer? It's a very scary place...unless of course, you are one of those fanatical people who have it on the calendar TO clean behind your dryer. I, of course, can't do that. My vacuum won't allow me to....nor my desire but that is material for another blog.

After looking behind the dryer, I decided to clean up all the dust and since I can't actually reach down there because of where my dryer is, the solution was to add the extensions to the hose and suck it up with the vacuum. Brilliance in the making.

Upon hooking up the vacuum and proceeding to let it work it's magic, I banged my head on the rack above the dryer sending me into a fit. A fit, you ask. Yes, a fit. A fit that was brought on not only by banging my head on the stinkin' rack but in the process the extensions falling off and the hose coming loose from the vacuum. I hate that thing.

After many attempts to keep the extensions on and the hose in place without banging my head one more time, the final straw broke my last nerve. As the extensions hit the floor behind the dryer and I was left standing there holding the hose that WAS not attached to the vacuum, I decided to do a smack down on that vile thing.

I was so done with that! I even yelled at the top of my lungs which echoed through the house that I, indeed, hated that thing. The fight was on. Me against the evil devil of a vacuum cleaner. Upon trying to wrap up the cord and put all the accessories back in their places ready for some other sucker to come and use her, the cord fell off the wrapping hooks and the extensons fell out on the floor.

Did you know that vacuum cleaners can fly?


momwithbrownies said...


Don't take it out on us tomorrow! LOL

Julie Z. said...

I, too, am laughing out loud. Thank you for sharing the ups and downs of your days. Hopefully, you are laughing out loud as well after some time away from the vacuum!

Love Julie Z.

HISchild said...

I very happily use mine only in the basement! :) The rest if my house in NOT carpeted!

What joy to only own a dustmop!

I gave mine up WILLINGLY!