Friday, June 22, 2007

It's A Heavenly Party....

Ryan is my little chatter box. He will talk to who ever will give him their undivided attention. He also is a inquisitive little bugger. He is curious about just about anything that you are doing whether it be construction, mechanical or cooking.

Today while I was making lunch and he was explaining his many observations about the world around him, he asked me just how exactly he was to go about asking Jesus into his heart. I was so totally unaware that, that question has been plaguing him. He's not indicated in anyway that he was remotely curious about that. Our family talks about it all the time but he has just been taking it in stride.

He asked me if I would help him pray because he didn't know what to say. I, in my exuberance, told him I would love the opportunity to do that with him. His response...."I need to eat lunch first, then we'll pray."

After finishing up his lunch, he told me he was ready and we prayed right there at the kitchen table with Spongebob playing in the background and the remains of the left over pizza before us. He gave his heart to Jesus.

The angels are rejoicing and his mother's heart is so proud. I thank God that I've had the opportunity once again to bring one more heart of my children's to his feet.

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