Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The Mystery Is Solved

Have you ever gotten a graduation open house invitation in the mail from someone that you just have no clue as to who it is? We did today! So away I went to super sleuthing the mystery.

First, I asked the kids if the picture of the graduate looked familiar. The answer was a definite no. Then, I called my Mom to see if it was a relative that I didn't know. The answer was a no there also. Then, I decided to go through our church directory but found nothing there either. So I decided to call my good friend April who knows everyone but much to my amazement, she didn't have an answer for me either. We even went to the internet to do some research there but it turned up nothing but an address which we already had. I thought that it was just going to remain a mystery.

But then it happened, my Father-in-law won the prize for unraveling this mystery. It does happen to be a relative....a second cousin to be exact!


momwithbrownies said...

I can't help but wonder if this second cousin realizes that in search of one more graduation present they've volunteered to give out 5.. hee hee

Anonymous said...

Heather your family is absolutly beautiful. =)