Friday, June 15, 2007

I've Been Tagged!

I've been tagged from a fellow homeschool Mom and MNO crony.

I'm suppose to come up with 30 things that don't bother me or that I don't worry about. Of course, as I began to ponder this question, all sorts of things began to pop in my head as to the opposite. So needless to say, it's taken me a bit to come up with some things. I'm not sure if I'll make it to 30 but we'll give it a whirl.....

1. Cluttered state of my home. I homeschool...that is most important on my list and it takes quite a bit of my time. I also live in a somewhat small house with lots of people who live inside. This does not add up to a Better Homes and Garden Show Place (not to mention that I have budding artists in the house who think that every wall in the house is their canvas). Should we get to the cleaning, that is wonderful, if we don't we can shoot for tomorrow. However, should someone whose never been to my home be coming over....then we like to clean...first impressions say alot!

2. Gas Prices. I fully expect to pay an increasing price. I pay it for toilet paper and I pay it for disposable diapers. I'd rather pay for some of the conveniences than having to go find a leaf to use or clean out gross stuff in cloth. I also like my's a package deal. Can you imagine trying to load up the stroller with groceries for seven people???? I'll take my gasoline, thank you very much.

3. Price of a Starbucks Coffee. Everyone has a place where they splurge. This happens to be mine. It's beneficial to my mental health.

4. Standing in line at the grocery store. Do you ever see the relief from a cashier when someone is actually patient and smiling rather than cranky and rushed?

5. A Child without a helmet on a bike. I turned out ok after many a mishap.

6. Lights left on in the other room.

7. Unmade beds. Kids are in an out of them for play and for nap...why bother?

8. Open curtains at nighttime. I've got nothing to hide and I don't make it a habit to walk around in the nude.

9. Dust. It's a fact of life.

10. Running out of Milk. I'll get some eventually....

11. Those strange people in Hollywood.

12. Recyling pop cans. Don't gasp! But I throw them away. I don't have time or the space to deal with this.

13. Bare Feet. It beats having hot feet!

14. Messy garages. Aren't they suppose to be?

15. Size of my TV. How big does it need to be to watch Noggin or Nick Jr.??

16. Postage. I'd rather pay 42 cents a letter than having to load all the children up in the van, running to the gas station to fill up cause I'm on empty, sitting in traffic, leaving the kids in the car while I run in real 'quick' to give you a check that is now overdue because it took me a bit to get up my mental ambition to do what I just mentioned.....stamps, it's the cheaper way to go.

17. Husbands who have to work on Sunday. They are just trying to provide for the family and this happens on Sunday sometimes.

18. People who chose not to vaccinate.

19. Breast vs. bottle fed. There are so many varying things that could affect this decision. How can one even judge someone for this.

20. Cell phones. Driving or not, here or there, cell phones are a benefit. I like it that people can get a hold of me and vice versa. I recently saw a man in the grocery store on the phone (I assume with his wife) and she was instructing him on what to get. I'm sure it saved him time from having to take back the wrong thing and when he came home, his wife was happy because he got the right thing. It's a beautiful thing.

21. Internet. Another beautiful thing. It's not of the devil when used properly.

22. Fruit snacks for breakfast. Doesn't it have fruit in it anyway??

23. Not going to the library. Buying books instead. People were shocked for a long time that I didn't use the library. So I finally gave in and let my kids get their 'library card'. I almost went over the edge trying to keep track of all those books and then trying to keep the little ones from ripping pages and marking them up......What I won't pay to keep my sanity.

24. Skipping a day of school. We all need a break now and then. Sometimes I notice that if we take a break, the kids have advanced farther along than if we hadn't.

25. Unmatched clothing. I use to care...then I had Grace who broke me of that. Maybe someday we'll get back to caring but for now, let them say what they will at least she's dressed.

26. Messy cars. With all the running around I do with the kids, it's bound to get messy. We do what we have to, to keep happy, smiling faces when we are sitting there in the parking lot waiting for Grandma to come out of her appointment. And if we've left something there from a previous appointment, WONDERFUL! It's a new treasure and it's bound to keep someone's attention for a few minutes. Now if we are talking about a left over banana peel...(ewwww!) but it could potentially be a science lesson on the go.

27. Mud. My kids are a mud magnet. If there isn't any, they will make some. I've long ago given up trying to keep them out and away from it.

28. Being served peanut butter and jelly sandwich at a friends house. I recently had a friend apologize for offering me that for lunch. I have children and this is a staple in our home. Don't apologize...I thought nothing of it. I'm just glad to spend time with you.

29. Big Families. I think they are wonderful and not just because I have one.

And finally....

30. Loud, chaotic, squealing children. It's the sound of LIFE!

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