Monday, September 03, 2007

Follow That Red Suburban to The Romeo Peach Festival

We decided to pack the kids up in the 'burb' and head for the Romeo Peach Festival. It's an annual event that has been going on for like 76 years. I grew up there and attended them year after year. Now we bring our kids to it and they get to hear me walk down memory lane as we drive into town.

Just as a side note, as we were getting ready to go, Ryan comes running around the corner with paper attached to his feet. He was quite delighted with himself. I had to ask, though, how he got the paper to stick. His answer.....glue, of course! Silly me...why didn't I think of that.

We arrived in town, parked the car in my cousin's driveway, loaded up the stroller and off we went, to find a place to watch the parade. We hooked up with some very dear friends and settled in to see what this years parade would bring. Within two seconds, our oldest found the hot dog stand and had his order placed and half eaten before I could even get my camp chair out of it's bag. Silly me....I should have figured that!

One of my favorites is the school bands. And they have them from all over. Grace loved the cheerleaders. Ryan and Aaron loved the candy that was being thrown. And Brad....he loves the food. It does taste better there, doesn't it??? It's like going to Home Depot on a Saturday just for the Hot Dog's. Whoever heard of that?

We mentioned to the kids that maybe, maybe we would go to the carnival. Why I do this to myself is clearly questionable. I forget from year to year what this means. This is what happens.....

....we got to carnival, fighting big crowds of people. Stand in long line to get tickets for rides. Freak out at cost of rides, elephant ears, pop, games, etc. Lose Aaron. Say to ourselves, "what were we thinking"! Promptly leave with kids whining that they only got to do one thing. Husband reminding wife that she forgets what happens with our carnival adventures. Wife pushing stroller frantically fast to get the heck out of there while husband is reminding her of such mentioned heretofore.

Quick give that man $100 (ok, so it was like $9 but it seemed like a $100) so they can whack the bell with a big hammer so we can say they did something so they can get those 'prizes' (since we don't have enough at home to hit mommy in the head with) at the carnival and let's get the heck out of here before we lose Aaron (again)!

We arrived at my Aunt's house in town where we were to have dinner. Ryan and Aaron met my cousin's boy who happens to be about the same age and they, together, hit the dirt pile. Between guns and sand, they were happily playing. The rest of us were entertained by Kara's fascination with a 13 year old dog whose name is Cinders. Kara loves dogs. She even tries to talk to them in doginese. I think they might just understand each other. She had her (the dog) following her around. Much to my shock, the dog was licking her face and mouth and boy, was she loving that. The dog kissed her! She squealed with delight. She pulled, patted, hugged and tried to pick up that dog. He was probably glad when we left~!

After a wonderful meal and a lovely time together, we headed on home. Bedtime was finally here!

We give the Romeo Peach Festival a seven thumbs up! It's parade and festivities around town make it a great adventure for the whole family.

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HISchild said...

Wait till the carnival is across the street in the Catholic church's parking lot!