Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Do Over Birthday

You just never know how your day is going to turn out once you leave that cozy soft pillow and warm bed. Some days are filled with the ho-hum every day things you do in a 24 hour period and then there are other days....

Since last week didn't work out so well to celebrate my birthday, I decided that we would have a do over birthday this week and today was the day! I bounced out of bed at an early hour not because I was ready to embrace the day but because my two youngest just couldn't do without me. So sleeping in was crossed off the list and I gently and lovingly reminded myself that what mother could resist a child mentioning that she was needed. I put my best face forward, told my pillow that we would once again be together and went to attend to those little darlings.

As I savored my coffee between getting drinks and food for those sweetie pies who are just so cute and always hungry, I kept telling myself how very much it's good to be needed. There isn't much sitting down and slowly embracing the day when there is much to be done for the care of tiny ones whose little eyes full of trust look to you to take care of their every need.

My husband had mentioned to me that he wanted to take me out for a birthday lunch. After the flurry of getting ready and out the door, my husband noticed and lovingly mentioned to me when we got out to the car that our tire was completely flat. *Sob*. I was so looking forward to going out and was desperately telling myself to not be disappointed. I was so not going to be irritated over a stupid flat tire and ruin this day. We've had enough sadness to last us for awhile.

We tried the air compressor but it did nothing to help the tire along. Thank goodness my mother in law offered to come and pick us up to drop the tire off at the fix-it shop and she even offered to drive us to where we wanted to eat while we waited for the tire to be repaired. The trick was getting the tire off. My poor husband who is in excruciating pain daily had to help me and our oldest son try to get the tire off in 15 degree weather along with the snow. Ever hear of frozen lug nuts? Banging on them doesn't really help a whole lot. Somehow we got them off along with the tire and nobody got hurt! I was wondering just how many of us it was going to take.

It ended up good. We got to go enjoy my birthday lunch and the repair to the tire was done pretty quickly and without expense. The one thing I was determined not to do today in the midst of irritating events was to lose my joy. It is so easy to let one thing send your whole day into a tizzy and it affects everybody around you. Before you know it, everybody is upset, nobody is happy and that does not make for a great day.

The other thing that turned out great was that I saw the sunrise. How very glorious it was. It seems to me that lately they have been even more spectacular than usual. It was a beautiful orange that lit the sky all around. Only the creator himself could have come up with that. Thank you God for that today! You astound us with your paintbrush that illuminates the heavens.

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