Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Reviewing 2008

I'm a little behind but I wanted to highlight the events of 2008. Time goes by so fast and sometimes I forget all the adventures that we experience in that year. Although, there are some adventures that are worth remembering more than others. So here we go:

We continued fostering my cousins, Barbara and Sharlene which ended with them moving to another home that was more suited to the special needs that they had.

Bob's father passed away a year ago, today.

We came close to losing my brother in law, Dave, but God is the restorer of life and blessed our family with more time with him. He was able to be there when his precious daughter was born and continues to be a testimony of God's amazing miracles. God is good.

I became the mother of a teenager.

Family reunions. It's important to see, hug and reconnect with family.

Spent some time in the emergency room with Kara due to a little weed in our backyard called the Deadly Nightshade becoming a snack.

Became an addict of Facebook and twitter.

We lost our home, camper and Suburban.

More time with my kids and husband. Time is a gift.

But most importantly, through all the suffering we are enduring, I've seen God's hand at work. My relationship with the Lord God Almighty has grown and deepened in so many ways. For this, I'm so thankful.

Phew....after going through all the posts from last year, I feel like I need a nap! We've been through a lot. Remembering how crazy scared I was about some of the things that happened, I now look back and see how God provided for our needs. There are still so many unanswered questions and I don't know if I will ever have them all cleared up for our understanding but I do know that when you put your trust in God, He provides.

My spiritual journey this year has been stretched. There have been times when I've felt like I've wrestled with God. My will struggles to get in alignment with His will but yet, I seem to fail at getting it to mind. I know what I need to do but yet, my mind and my heart are warring against each other. I need to get what I've learned to take root and develop in my soul. I have such a need to be in control and to move these mountains that are before us and am constantly reminded that I am NOT in control..of anything. Therein, the struggle. I've felt many times that I make a poor excuse for a believer. My faith, I feel, is majorly lacking and I struggle with doubt and unbelief.

Through all of the stretching, God is trying to get me to grasp hold of how much he loves me, he pursues me and desires my heart. My mind knows this but how do you get that understanding to settle in your very being so that spiritually, mentally and physically you know it with out doubt, without question. Somehow, Abraham was able to, without doubt, trust that what God promised him would happen. I want that. I want these stupid doubts to leave my mind and my heart. I believe that to undoubtingly believe and have faith in God's promises, honors Him like nothing else. My heart's desire is to be able to do that. Perhaps, this is the next phase in which God alone is working on in me.

I pray that this new year brings you in a closer relationship with Him and if you don't have a relationship with God, I pray that you will give your heart to Him. What have you got to lose? He already knows you inside and out and He wants you just as you are.

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You are amazing! Love Mom