Saturday, March 24, 2007

More On My Addiction...(oops, I mean habit)

I previously posted a blog on my addiction of video gaming. Since my 'secret' has come out of the closet, I have decided to share a little bit more of my addiction.

I would have never discovered the wonderful world of gaming if it hadn't been for our first gaming purchase in our marriage of a Sega Genesis. Sonic the hedgehog was my friend and then Toe Jam and Earl was my undoing. It creeped into more serious gaming when Command and Conquer entered our home. I found the unleashed excitement that came from Bob and I pitting our vast armies against each other in furious battle. (which by the way, I hear from a secret source that Command and Conquer III is about to be released!)

Now as I find myself fighting gnolls and naga's with my dual wield abilities, my 'Screaming Dagger' and 'Hellfire skiver' allow me to kick some serious petukus. Together my husband and I can conquer Hellfire peninsula and beyond.

As my gaming continues, I am beginning to wonder what I can give up so I have more time to conquer unknown worlds......

-dusting be gone
-mopping..ack...Brad can do it's overrated anyways
-dinner....there is always 1-800-pizza
-brushing my teeth...oh, well...I heard recently they might be coming up with a tooth decay vaccination for this making it an easy decision to let go of it

and then there is....

The International Geek song (maybe it should be geekette!)

As good ol' 'Martha' says...Video games, It's a very good thing!


momwithbrownies said...

That reminds me! I need to take out my game system! Crash Bandicoot Here I Come! :-)

Binarypc said...

Crash is so cool!! Have you dealt with Snake lately?