Thursday, May 03, 2007

First Birthday: Take 2

I was able to salvage one lone cupcake from the 'birthday cake disaster' to present before the birthday girl with her very first candle to blow out. I was getting all kinds of advice about not getting it too close to her because she could burn herself. Man, my kids are going to be fabulous parents one day. They have the scolding thing down to a science.

At first Miss Kara didn't know what to do with it. Daddy helped her blow out her candle and then she was given the 'go ahead' to dive in. All of my other children were gun-ho on that being that cake plus frosting equals yum-o. They had this all figured out from the start but Kara is different. She picked off a little piece with frosting and ate it, then she picked off another little piece with frosting and ate it and kept at it until all the frosting was gone. None in her hair, none up her nose, none in her ears. I didn't even have to spray her down. So she has been dubbed: Our dainty little crumb eater.

After thoroughly enjoying her cake which she ate entirely except for the last bite that Grandma helped get rid of, she was introduced to the gifts. She wasn't all that interested until they were removed from the box and placed in front of her. She didn't even care about the wrapping paper. Now the others.....were very willing to help unwrap, play and discover.

All in all, she had a very nice birthday spent with her family and she decided to give us a surprise in return.......

(look for the answer in the next episode!)

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