Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Showing Support

We had a great opportunity as homeschoolers today to paint 'Welcome Home' signs for a soldier that is coming home in the next week or so.

We explained to our children that we were going to paint these signs as a 'thank you' and to remind him of our support. Even though, we don't know him or other soldiers that have gone to Iraq, we want them to know that we are behind them.

The plan is to line all these signs up along the street he lives on so when he comes home, he will see all of our good wishes and feel the love of his fellow Americans.

Of course, explaining this to a five year old and a three year old inspired some interesting conversation. I'm not sure how much got through as all Aaron could talk about was painting a "BIG DOT" and Ryan keeps asking when the soldier guy is coming to visit us. But maybe, just maybe it will inspire them later, when they are older, to creatively think of ways to encourage someone else that comes along their path.

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