Friday, May 11, 2007

It's Swell To Be Twelve

Today is Brad's 12th birthday. I can't believe that he could even possibly be that already. At almost 5' 2" and exhibiting quite a bit of independence and a take-charge attitude, I guess I must admit that it is indeed here. **Sigh, I remember when he was toddling around everywhere I seems like only yesterday....

His birthday festivities began on Wednesday with a sleepover at a friends house and continued on into Thursday when they switched houses for the 'super sleepover' which ended today. My husband took Brad and Brisan out to breakfast or at least it was breakfast for him. The boys ordered fish and chips and spaghetti. I guess that's what growing boys do.

Then they headed to the local bike store to supposedly drop off Bob's bike for a tune-up. When they arrived, a new royal blue dirt bike was rolled out ready to be sized up just for Brad. What a surprise that was for him! (And if I catch it laying out in the rain.....!)

They swung home to pick up the rest of us and off we were to the zoo. It was a beautiful day....82 and sunny!

When we arrived at the zoo, we found that every school in the area had decided to take a road trip to the same place as us. It was wall to wall people. However, once we got past the front exhibits, it wasn't' so crowded.

We saw monkeys, lions, tigers and a red panda and let's not forget to mention the strutting peacock!

We saw Brad getting too tired to walk and his super nice friend willing to pull him in the wagon. Of course, Brisan's only comment about that was that he picked a fine day to wear a long sleeve shirt and pants! What are friends for?!! Brad was constantly scanning for overly priced ice cream and slurpee's because he was so hot. What better way to spend your birthday money than to support your local zoo!

By the time we got to the polar bear exhibit which is one of my favorites, the gang was all tuckered out from the heat and from pulling each other in the wagon even the polar bear thought so. We all sat down to rest our throbbing feet and to smile at the camera.

We managed to work our way to the back finally after going around and around to make sure we got everyone's agenda accomplished when right before our very eyes was a train with a one way ticket to the front! When Brisan yelled 'Thank You Mr. Bob quite emphatically I knew right then and there that whoever thought out the layout for the zoo knew that people would give their right arm and maybe a child just to hitch a ride back to the front to soothe their aching feet. Of course an added benefit was two very excited little boys named Ryan and Aaron who were whooping it up with their squeals about getting to ride on a train. It was worth it! Since we could take the stroller on but not enough hands to hang onto the stuff that was loaded into the bottom of it, Bob trucked it back to the front by himself while we got a ride on easy street.

After sitting in rush hour traffic, we had birthday dinner at the local coney island which is one of Brad's very favorite places to and a lot of it! Then we came home, opened presents and had cake. It was quite a fun day and now I'm ready for a long winter's nap!

Happy Birthday, Brad!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like allot of fun!

Hope he had a good Birthday too.

What kind of cake is that???

Peanut Butter Kisses said...

Dear Anonymous,

His absolutely favorite donut is the boston cream so I found a very easy but yet so yummy kind of cake that would resemble that. It was a hit before I even assembled it. The brothers were stalking me as I was making the chocolate ganache to pour on top! Perhaps I should have posted those pictures :-)