Monday, May 28, 2007

Splash Bombs Rock!

What do you do on a warm sunny day?

You buy the kids a super duper splash bomb water slide!

A weird thing happened when I went to the store to buy that super duper water slide. Have you ever been in line to make your purchase only to find that when given your total that it just doesn't add up? After briefly arguing with the cashier that two plus two doesn't equal $122.00 and that it certainly doesn't add up when the machine doesn't even need your Visa check card nor does it add up when a signature is not required on such a purchase. But who am I to argue with an attitude clad twenty something year old. Apparently, she just didn't care and was just there to get the customers through the line.

After scanning my receipt, I promptly went to the customer service department to explain my concerns. Upon review, the problem was discovered. Apparently in the process of checking one customer out and beginning another, the items were combined and rung up on one receipt only and charged to the person in front of me. If I wasn't paying attention, the customer in front of me without even realizing it, could have potentially paid for the items in my cart. What a wonderful deal for me....if it weren't for that whole conscience thing.

I, valuing being able to sleep at night, also valuing my integrity and having to set a Godly example to the children who were with me, had to make the situation right and pay for what I had placed in my cart. What a war that goes on in the inside.....on one side, I wonder why I didn't choose to get that new patio set right at that moment and then there is the other side, that whimpers while handing the cash to the cashier to properly pay for the items I was to purchase. Why does being honest have to hurt sometimes???

But as Mother always says....

Honesty is the best policy and of course, my personal favorite....cheater's never win.


The Mom With Brownies (The story of us) said...

Aw Man!

Where did you buy that?
Did you catch the checkout boys' name by chance?


Brad said...

Well cheaters can win but in BIG BIG BIG trouble. =)