Sunday, May 13, 2007

Wascally Wabbit....

Happy Mother's Day!

How did you spend Mother's Day? I got breakfast in bed made by my sweetheart of a daughter. Let me just clarify that it was not Kara, who just turned one, cooking in the kitchen (although, I think she'd like to try if only she were just a little taller) but our nine year old, Grace, who loves to cook.

I was scheduled to work in the Kindergarten class which happens to be the class that Ryan is in. However, in order for me to do my time in there (yes, I did say that!), I have to take my three year old appendage with me. As I was standing there watching all the little people running around, I realized that our three year old was as big as those five year olds. He's very tall for his age and speaks like a five year old. Perhaps it's because he's number four. Or perhaps, it's just because he's Aaron.

As the morning progressed, I also realized something else. Ryan is a rascal. I do know that he is rascally at home but to actually see him in action is quite another thing. Parents drop their kids off at the class and head off to listen to the sermon totally unaware of what really happens back in the classroom filled with little people. At least, that's where I was until today....

Ryan is all about fun. I believe his most favorite thing to do is laugh and his is contagious. I know this because he has whoever is around him laughing along side him most of the time. I found out this Mother's Day that my five year old can have a class full of kindergartener's all laughing at once instead of listening to the Bible story. That he has to be separated from certain other little boy people, because he leads them down the path of exuberant laughter. That it is very hard to get them under control when the laughing fits begin.

I began to ask myself this. Does this happen every week? Does he have a reputation of class disrupter? Should I send the teacher a spa gift certificate (I would hate to find out she quit because a certain someone had the whole class out of control week after week). And my final thought:

I'm doing the local school district a favor by homeschooling him.....he surely would run a few out of town totally exhausted from trying to gain control in their classrooms too.

Yep, that's my Ryan.
(at least he's happy)

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