Saturday, January 26, 2008

Happy Birthday, Sharlene

Today was Sharlene's birthday. She is now the big number four.

Grandpa gave her some money to spend so I took her to Target and she picked out a toy that she really wanted. We then got Burger King for lunch which she slowly ate and savored. You would have thought she was eating at Andiamo's. I double checked her cheeseburger just to make sure that it really wasn't a juciy ribeye and found that it was indeed still a cheeseburger. At least she appreciated it.

Later we had chocolate cake with pink frosting and sprinkles just as she wanted.

Happy Birthday, Sharlene!


HISchild said...

You look great! Love the BLING!!

Happy Birthday honey!

momwithbrownies said...

Happy Birthday Sharlene!! :-)